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One month in to the mindfulness project.

I started this mindful project almost a month ago to try and become more mentally resilient and lead a more positive life. Don’t get me wrong, I am only human so I am still prone to having a bad day, but I am learning techniques on how to cope with the bad days and also relax my mind:

· Art - as an example, one major benefit of trying to become more ‘mindful’ has been rekindling with my artistic and creative side. I thought I had put that to bed long ago. I sample below some of my artwork thus far and which can also be seen on my instagram page anecdotes_of_rn:

'Bubbles' by Anecdotes of RN

'Hope' by Anecdotes of RN

· Affirmations – when repeated over and over, affirmations can change your pattern of thinking and convert negatives thoughts into positive. I have created my own affirmations, examples below:

‘I release my past and embrace my future’

‘My mind is an ocean of calmness’

· Meditation music/prayers – these have become a total god send this month. Nothing quite relaxes me as much as listening to a soothing prayer/mediation in the morning or before bed. I also use it when I feeling emotional to level my mind again. You may have seen me document some resources on Instagram that I have been using.

· Following inspiring content – social media can play a big role in how we feel about ourselves or whom we aspire to be. I have discovered a lot of great artists on instagram and positive role models. When I am scrolling on instagram, the algorithm now produces far more positive content than previously.

Whilst my website and instagram page is a platform to inspire and help others, if you are incorporating/have incorporated mindfulness into your life, I would be interested to hear what works for you.

Anecdotes of RN Xx

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