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Start your morning positively - soothing and peaceful chants for the early morning

So flashback to 2020 and the preceding years - I would often start my mornings in a fluster, at least 6 alarms set the night before and you can guarantee I would have snoozed them all and then realised I have less than an hour to eat breakfast, shower and get ready to start my day. This is hardly an ideal way to start the day. I had toyed with meditation in the past but found it hard to switch off mentally or commit to it long term, often deciding to watch the latest show on Netflix instead... probably as I was choosing the wrong time of day! A few days in to the new year and I decided right, one of my new mantras is to wake up a lot earlier and meditate. I admit it hasn't been smooth sailing but I am slowly getting to grips with waking up pre -7:00am. I switch on one of my favourite Simran's ( ) (Simran is the Panjabi word for the continuous remembrance of the finest aspect of the self/and or the continuous remembrance or feeling of god). I admit I am not the most religious or connected to my Sikh faith but listening to this Simran, and reciting the Simran, even if for 15 minutes in the morning helps to free me mentally and get in a good space for the rest of the day. There are a lot of other soothing chants (doesn't have to be religious), whatever works for you which you can find on YouTube to listen to in the morning. As this site develops and I add more posts, I will add links to morning meditations you may like. I also hope to cover guided meditation in one of my future posts, something I have dabbled with in the past, to explain the benefits to you and something which I may practice this year on my journey to mindfulness.

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