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Mind Zen Luxury Wellbeing - The Story

I had been attempting to embark upon a healing and wellbeing journey the last few years due to various traumas and burnout. However, it was only in January 2021 when I started blogging under my Anecdotes of RN alias on Instagram and created the Anecdotes of RN mindfulness website, that I incorporated some mechanisms which helped me to cope with stress, burnout, anxiety, low mood and trauma. Whilst I understood that healing and dealing with mental health required a holistic approach (e.g. including therapy etc), mindfulness and self care was a big part of this.

From my website and Instagram page, you can see the various self-care methods I had begun to incorporate into my daily rituals to help me achieve a more relaxed and calm state. Affirmations and meditation played an important role in reframing my mindset into a more positive state. I also used candles with therapeutic scents to improve my mood and became quite an addicted candle lover.

2022 - The establishment of Mind Zen Luxury Wellbeing products: The Mind Zen Luxury Wellbeing Box, affirmation cards and luxury candles are by-product of my self-care and a wellbeing experience I wanted to create for others who need some uplifting, are struggling with mental health or just want to achieve a more relaxed state. I chose the name Mind Zen for my products as it represents a calm state of mind which my products were developed to produce.

Developing the Mind Zen products became and is a therapeutic activity, as well as allowing me to explore further my entrepreneurial and creative side. Each of the 32 affirmation cards in the affirmation kit were designed by me to promote wellbeing, empowerment, positivity and success and which have been incorporated into my daily ritual.

I have specifically chosen to infuse my candles with Lavender essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil and Bergamot essential oil, which I find therapeutic to create a relaxed ambience for my candle users. I am proud to say my candles are all individually handmade by me, 100% soya wax, vegan, cruelty free and use only pure fragrance and essential oils.

I hope you enjoy the wellbeing products as much as I have enjoyed making and designing them.

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