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Being Present:What are your favourite zones in London & does visiting them make you truly switch off

I say zones because I mean precisely that, where do you go to switch off, zone out and block out all the noise.

Holland Park is one of prettiest zones in London and there is something serene and calming about the waterfall in the Japanese Kyoto Garden. Definitely ideal for a beautiful walk.

Video- Waterfall in Holland Park (video taken by me last summer)

As pretty as the video is, it highlights me being a guilty social media addict. I take my phone everywhere and its safe to say essentially document my every move (hides face). Whilst it’s nice to share videos and posts of beautiful locations, as part of my journey into being present, I am vowing to avoid taking my phone outside to document every move/ long walk or excursion. Enjoy the walk just for the walk or enjoy the view just for you in that moment. We get so caught up in taking pretty pictures and videos we don’t enjoy the moment and fail to switch off.

I should add that I am not saying I will never take my phone outside or share a nice video or image here and there, for example, as part of documenting my experiences for this site, but I am slowly reducing my social media and phone consumption along with committing to putting out positive content.

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