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Creating a positive headspace

“Shed the Burdens of the Past…Come up fresh and alive” Sadhguru

I came across this poignant and very positive message today in Sadhguru’s video. Sadhguru is a philanthropist, yogi, author and spiritual leader. I recently started to follow his page on social media, as part of my drive to only follow content which adds value to my life. A link to the #Sadhguru short video is at - worth watching.

A lot of us, including myself are burdened by memories and experiences of the past which can often be a stumbling block to creating a positive headspace and inhibit the way we view, react to situations and create and maintain relationships.

Part of my reasons on embarking on a journey into mindfulness is to clear the historical mental fog and create a positive headspace. As this site develops, I hope to explore the methods or resources which will help me to achieve this.

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